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Building the Notice component

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ionofzion committed Nov 2, 2018
1 parent d5fd443 commit 5cd66f7a1c5078b5cb4230213ee56e9b0e6a16a6
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import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
export default class Notice extends React.Component {
componentDidMount() { // As soon as the component has mounted
if (this.props.duration > 0) { // if the duration prop is greater than zero
this.dismissTimeout = window.setTimeout(this.props.onDismissClick, this.props.duration); // then, after the set duration has passed, run the onDismissClick function that has been passed down as a prop from our Admin.jsx container
} // (otherwise, do nothing until manually dismissed)
componentWillUnmount() { // When the component is about to removed from the DOM
if (this.dismissTimeout) { // If this.dismissTimeout was set in componentDidMount()
window.clearTimeout(this.dismissTimeout); // reset the timer when the notice is dismissed (and therefore 'unmounted')
render() {
let dismiss; // define dismiss as an empty variable
if (this.props.showDismiss) { // if our showDismiss prop is set to true
dismiss = ( // then set the dismiss variable to contain our dismiss button markup
<span tabIndex="0" className="notice_dismiss" onClick={ this.props.onDismissClick /* when this element is clicked, fire the onDismissClick function that we've passed down as a prop from Admin.jsx */ } >
<span className="dashicons dashicons-dismiss"></span>
<span className="screen-reader-text">Dismiss</span>
return ( // The returned markup uses the standard WordPress notice classes, so no extra styling required. The resulting notice class and message will depend on the contents of the 'notice' prop object, passed down from Admin.jsx.
<div className={`notice is-dismissible notice-${this.props.notice.type}`}>
{ dismiss }
Notice.defaultProps = { // Here we set default values for some of our props
duration: 4000,
showDismiss: true,
onDismissClick: null,
Notice.propTypes = { // And define our propTypes
duration: PropTypes.number,
showDismiss: PropTypes.bool,
onDismissClick: PropTypes.func,
notice: PropTypes.oneOfType([
type: PropTypes.string,
message: PropTypes.string

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