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gopass Gopher by Vincent Leinweber, remixed from the Renée French original Gopher


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The slightly more awesome standard UNIX password manager for teams.

Manage your credentials with ease. In a globally distributed team, on multiple devices or fully offline on an air gapped machine.

  • Works everywhere - The same user experience on Linux, MacOS, *BSD or Windows
  • Built for teams - Built from our experience working in distributed development teams
  • Full autonomy - No network connectivity required, unless you want it

How Does It Work?

By default your credentials are encrypted with GPG and versioned in git. This can be customized easily. The primary interface is the command line, making it an excellent choice for CLI fans, CI/CD systems or anything you can hook it up with. Gopass can also integrate with your browser so you can largely avoid the command line - if you want.


Necessary prerequisites for running gopass

gopass can operate without any dependencies but most users will use it with gpg and git. An external editor is required to use gopass edit.

Installation through package managers

Homebrew (Linux/MacOS)

homebrew version

brew install gopass

MacPorts (macOS)

macports version

sudo port install gopass

Debian (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, ...)

Warning: Do not install the gopass package for the official repositories. That is a completely different project that has no relation to us.

curl | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/gopass-archive-keyring.gpg >/dev/null
cat << EOF | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gopass.sources
Types: deb
Suites: stable
Architectures: all amd64 arm64 armhf
Components: main
Signed-By: /usr/share/keyrings/gopass-archive-keyring.gpg
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gopass gopass-archive-keyring

Fedora / RedHat / CentOS

Fedora version

dnf install gopass

Note: You might need to run dnf copr enable daftaupe/gopass first.

Arch Linux

Arch version

pacman -S gopass


Scoop version

# WinGet
winget install Git.Git
winget install GnuPG.Gpg4win
winget install gopass.gopass
# Chocolatey
choco install gpg4win
choco install gopass
# Alternatively
scoop install gopass

FreeBSD / OpenBSD

cd /usr/ports/security/gopass
make install

Alpine Linux

apk add gopass

Other installation options

Please see docs/ for other options.

From Source

go install

Note: latest is not a stable release. We recommend to only use released versions.

Manual download

Download the latest release and add the binary to your PATH.

Quick start guide

Initialize a new gopass configuration:

gopass setup

   __     _    _ _      _ _   ___   ___
 /'_ '\ /'_'\ ( '_'\  /'_' )/',__)/',__)
( (_) |( (_) )| (_) )( (_| |\__, \\__, \
'\__  |'\___/'| ,__/''\__,_)(____/(____/
( )_) |       | |
 \___/'       (_)

🌟 Welcome to gopass!
🌟 Initializing a new password store ...
🌟 Configuring your password store ...
🎮 Please select a private key for encrypting secrets:
[0] gpg - 0xFEEDBEEF - John Doe <>
Please enter the number of a key (0-12, [q]uit) (q to abort) [0]: 0
❓ Do you want to add a git remote? [y/N/q]: y
Configuring the git remote ...
Please enter the git remote for your shared store []:
✅ Configured

By default gopass setup will use gpg encryption and git storage. This will create a new password store in $HOME/.local/share/gopass/stores/root and a configuration in $HOME/.config/gopass/config using gpg encryption and git for versioned storage. Users can override these with e.g. --crypto=age to use age encryption instead or opt out of using a versioned store with --storage=fs.

An existing store can be cloned with e.g. gopass clone

Create a new secret:

gopass create

List all existing secrets:

gopass ls

Copy an existing password to the clipboard:

gopass show -c foo

Remove an existing secret:

gopass rm foo

Other examples:

# Command structure
gopass [<command>] [options] [args]
# Shortcut for gopass show [<key>]
gopass [<key>]

# Enter the gopass REPL

# Find all entries matching the search string
gopass find github

# List your store
gopass ls

# List all mounts
gopass mounts

# List all recipients
gopass recipients

# Sync with all remotes
gopass sync

# Setup a new store
gopass setup




Please ask on Slack.


We welcome any contributions. Please see for more information.

Credit & License

gopass is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. You can find the complete text in LICENSE.

Please refer to our Contributors page for a complete list of our contributors.