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The programs used in the code clubs
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LICENSE Code Club Programs

These are the sample programs used in the code clubs. The order of teaching is:

  • helloclub
  • hellofriends
  • namesandages
  • hellostrangers
  • worldtemperature
  • timesquestion
  • timesquiz
  • mandelbrot

Each program builds on the last and introduces new concepts.

  • helloclub - introduces go, a go source code file and the go command.
  • hellofriends - introduces string variables and output.
  • namesandages - introduces number variables and maths go.
  • hellostranger - introduces simple keyboard input.
  • worldtemperature - introduces selection or if statements.
  • timesquestion - introduces if else statements.
  • timesquiz - introduces repetition or for statements.
  • mandelbrot - brings everything together to plot a mandelbrot set.

Any program named *-complete.go contains a sample solution. The *.go programs the pupils are expected to complete.


The programs hellostranger, worldtemperature, timesquiz and timesquestion programs depend on the simpleio package. The package is go get'able from

go get -u

Additionally the timesquiz and timesquestion programs also depend upon the random package. The package is go get'able from

go get -u

The mandelbrot package relies on the go-sdl2 package. See here for the installation instructions.

Please see the COPYRIGHT file for copyright information.

Please see the LICENSE file for license information.

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