Slides from 2015 Talks
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Abhishek Kona Rewriting Parse in GO
Audrey Lim - How a Complete Beginner Picked Up Go as Her First Backend Language in 5 weeks
Barak Michener - Cayley: Building a Graph Database
Björn Rabenstein - Prometheus
Blake Caldwell - Uptime: Building Resilient Services with Go
Go kit
Hana Kim - Go on Mobile
Katherine Cox-Buday: Simplicity & Go
Sam Helman & Kyle Erf - The Many Faces of Struct Tags Add Sruct Tags Presentation Jul 13, 2015
Tomás Senart - Embrace the Interface


Slides from 2015 GopherCon talks

Speakers, please send a pull request with your slides in a separate folder:

/Brad Fitzpatrick - Using Groupcache/myslides.pdf

Please try to use easy to share formats, like PDF where possible.