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to query for tweets:
client opens tcp port 12315, sends:
OT v1\r\n
\r\n, aka CRLF, is 0x0D0A
name is plain ascii name, printable chars (0x20-0x7E), max 32 chars
from is unix epoch time
to is unix epoch time
unix epoch time is a sequence of ASCII digits (0x30-0x39), nothing else
max 11 digits
sever returns:
<tweet text>\r\n
from 0-n times
close connection
tweets may never have \r\n in them
may have:
printable ASCII 0x20-0x7E
LF 0x0A (\n)
TAB 0x09
max 140 chars
tweets shall be all tweets from user "name" between time "from"
(inclusive) to time "to" (exclusive), for which the server is storing