Update GopherJS Playground to Go 1.8. #65

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Using Go 1.8 (final) and GopherJS 1.8-1 (still on branch, gopherjs/gopherjs#552) to generate this.

Most of this PR is standard procedure and no different than for Go 1.6 (#42), 1.7 (f710646 and cd0bdc5), etc.

Except 723a993 which was weird. See commit message for details. (Also see relevant #64.)

Test plan, I used goexec 'http.ListenAndServe(":8080", http.FileServer(http.Dir(".")))' to start an HTTP server serving contents of playground directory, then visited http://localhost:8080 in browser, hard-cleared all cache, and tested format button (both modes) and a small Go program. It worked without errors:


shurcooL added some commits Feb 17, 2017
@shurcooL shurcooL playground/internal/imports: Update and regenerate for Go 1.8.
go generate github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs.github.io/playground/internal/imports
@shurcooL shurcooL playground: Make format synchronous.
Previous code would generate "$rootScope:inprog" AngularJS error (see

I'm not fully sure what changed to cause that, but it seems this code
can now be executed synchronously without a goroutine (i.e., it makes
no blocking calls). According to AngularJS documentation (linked
above), that is one possible cause of this error:

> This error is often seen when interacting with an API that is
sometimes sync and sometimes async.

Perhaps something changed to cause formatting to no longer by

Remove the goroutine and scope.Apply calls. It seems to work, but I'm
not familiar with AngularJS enough to be confident this is the best
thing to do. I'm also not sure what exactly changed to trigger the
original error.

Related to #64. Hopefully we can stop relying on AngularJS soon, and
this potential problem can go away/wouldn't have happened.
@shurcooL shurcooL playground: Update GopherJS Playground to Go 1.8.
Regenerated with GopherJS 1.8-1.

	go generate github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs.github.io/playground
@shurcooL shurcooL merged commit 227e5a1 into master Feb 17, 2017
@shurcooL shurcooL deleted the go1.8 branch Feb 17, 2017
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