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build, compiler/natives/src/reflect: remove Go 1.11-specific code (#933)

GopherJS 1.12 is out by now, so it's safe to remove this code that
was added to deal with differences between Go 1.11.0 and Go 1.11.1.

Do so by moving the actively used code from reflect_go1111.go back
into reflect.go as it was before PR #865, and delete reflect_go111.go.

There should not be any change in behavior.

Regenerate ./compiler/natives.

Updates #862.
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dmitshur committed Aug 12, 2019
1 parent 3e4dfb7 commit 5d271430af9f3def750dcd7d6fc19eecfead4d2c
@@ -316,13 +316,6 @@ func parseAndAugment(bctx *build.Context, pkg *build.Package, isTest bool, fileS

// reflect needs to tell Go 1.11 apart from Go 1.11.1 for,
// so provide it with the custom go1.11.1 build tag whenever we're on Go 1.11.1 or later.
// TODO: Remove this ad hoc special behavior in GopherJS 1.12.
if runtime.Version() != "go1.11" {
nativesContext.ReleaseTags = append(nativesContext.ReleaseTags, "go1.11.1")

if nativesPkg, err := nativesContext.Import(importPath, "", 0); err == nil {
names := nativesPkg.GoFiles
if isTest {

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