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tests: triage test failures new to Go 1.12.9

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dmitshur committed Sep 10, 2019
1 parent 2ef7d1d commit c44db05b0b6e2cdfa9c528890936d1a4b0edb075
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@@ -120,6 +120,11 @@ var knownFails = map[string]failReason{
"fixedbugs/issue27201.go": {desc: "incorrect stack trace for nil dereference in inlined function"},
"fixedbugs/issue27518b.go": {desc: "sigpanic can make dead pointer live again"},
"fixedbugs/issue29190.go": {desc: "append does not fail when length overflows"},

// These are new tests in Go 1.12.9.
"fixedbugs/issue30977.go": {category: neverTerminates, desc: "does for { runtime.GC() }"},
"fixedbugs/issue32477.go": {category: notApplicable, desc: "uses runtime.SetFinalizer and runtime.GC"},
"fixedbugs/issue32680.go": {category: notApplicable, desc: "uses -gcflags=-d=ssa/check/on flag"},

type failCategory uint8

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