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Get Iconpaper on your website




1/ Include the geticonpaper.css file on your page with a <link> tag ( in this file you can customize all elements )

<link href="geticonpaper/geticonpaper.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

2/ Include the geticonpaper.php file on your page with <?php include ?> ( in this file you can change the layout and reorganize all elements )

<?php include('geticonpaper/geticonpaper.php'); ?>

3/ Call the function wherever you want on your page, it will display the number of rss items you've set as argument

<?php getIconpaper(3); ?>

Try the example page to see it in action


You can set a second argument to trim the title for your needs

<?php getIconpaper(3,20); ?>

In this case, it will trim the title to 20 characters (with " ..."). So it will crop the title to 20 - 4 characters and add " ..." to the end

example the title "Professor von Quackenstein" limited to 20 char become "Professor von Qu ..."


2012 01 04 - 1.0