Webview XP (Windows XP explorer task pane like UI for Windows 98/2000/Me) — From 2002.
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WebView XP

Original release notes:

    If you've seen Windows XP Folders, then you already 
    know what Webview XP 1.0b looks like. Designed for 
    Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

    I need some beta testers for this. real life doesn't 
    allow me to work incessantly on this.

    To report bugs and submit suggestions for improvement 
    please mail to <email_removed>, with "Webview XP" in 
    the subject line.

On November 14th, 2002, I released my first bit
of open source software at http://customize.org/webviews/20218
under the alias of "Art Sands."

While digging through my closet, I found copies of my old
resume and a list of all the projects I had been working on.
I'm just putting all of these up on github.com among my other 
projects where it truly belongs.

It's fun to go through old stuff. =)

— Yesudeep.