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- Clean up and stabilize the Crypto.PublicKey API. The previous attempt to
unify fundamentally different algorithms, such as RSA and DSA, should be
avoided, since it simply adds confusion.
- Add algorithms:
- Camellia
- SHA512
- Diffie-Hellmen key agreement
- Authenticated Diffie-Hellmen key agreement
- RSA PKCS#1 v1.5
- RSA PKCS#1 v2 (OAEP)
- Add a *complete* DSA implementation. (The current implementation doesn't do
the necessary hashing, for example.)
- Coverage testing
- Run lint on the C code
- Separate the exported API from the internal implementation details.
- Provide drop-in support for extensions/drivers like amkCrypto/mxCrypto.
There should be some way to register these drivers in your package, e.g. by
defining a certain subdirectory to be a place where pycrypto looks for these
drivers at startup time.
- Merge Crypto.Cipher.XOR and Crypto.Util.strxor somehow
- Document our experiences with RandomPool and why it was bad.