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# Project-specific configuration for CruiseControl.rb
Project.configure do |project|
# Send email notifications about broken and fixed builds to, (default: send to nobody)
# project.email_notifier.emails = ['', '']
# Set email 'from' field to
# project.email_notifier.from = ''
# Build the project by invoking rake task 'custom'
# project.rake_task = 'custom'
# Build the project by invoking shell script "". Keep in mind that when the script is invoked,
# current working directory is <em>[cruise&nbsp;data]</em>/projects/your_project/work, so if you do not keep
# in version control, it should be '../' instead
python = case
when /-py2(\d)$/
project.build_command = "#{python} build test"
# Ping Subversion for new revisions every 5 minutes (default: 30 seconds)
# project.scheduler.polling_interval = 5.minutes
# Force the project always build once every day and always build whether there are source control changes or not
# project.scheduler.polling_interval =
# project.scheduler.always_build = true
# Force the project to check for source control changes every given time interval, but NOT build if there are no changes
# project.triggered_by, :build_interval => 5.minutes, :start_time => 2.minutes.from_now)
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