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HTML/JS/CSS Compressor (YUICompressor,HTMLCompressor,Closure Compiler) and CSS Data URI embedder packaged into one tool
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Bundled HTML/CSS/JavaScript minifiers and data-uri embedding tools.


You need Python and Java installed on your system to be able to use Squeeze. Installing squeeze itself is easy with pip:

$ pip install squeeze


So you want to use the YUICompressor?

$ squeeze yuicompressor --help

How about the Google Closure Compiler?

$ squeeze closure --help

Ooh. What about CSSEmbed and HTML compressor?

$ squeeze cssembed --help
$ squeeze htmlcompressor --help

Whee! More here:

$ squeeze --help

Source code


Squeeze is released into the public domain. 3rd party libraries included with it, however, carry their own licensing.

Please see the LICENSE file in the source code for more information.

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