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BDX is a small 3D game engine, designed to work with Blender (as an addon), and built to leverage libGDX, along with the Bullet physics library (specifically, the gbullet port). It features a straightforward execution model, supported by a relatively simple API, enabling the programmer to effectively define object behavior within a typical blender scene.

From a "build and deploy" perspective, BDX projects are simply extended libGDX projects, which means that you can use the same gradle-powered pipeline to deploy BDX games to any platform that's currently supported by libGDX (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HTML5, Android and iOS).

This project is in beta, and therefore far from perfect, but it's at a point where it can be used to create small, and relatively simple games, like 99 Bottles, and Kyro.

Get it

The JDK (Java Development Kit) is the only direct dependency you need to satisfy, before you can download the latest release of the, and install it like any other blender addon. If you need more detailed instructions, you can read the Installation page, or watch the procedure in this video.

Use it

There is a video tutorial series that covers the development of a 99 Bottles clone, from beginning to end. You are encouraged to watch this series, especially if you have no previous game development experience. For the more experienced, the General Overview, along with the API reference, could prove to be sufficient.

In either case, there's plenty to get you started.

Updating BDX

You will have to remove the existing addon first, restart blender, then install the new addon, and finally use it to create a new project. If you plan to have the same directory name for the new project, you should first move the old project (if one exists) to a different directory.

Old projects (created with earlier versions of BDX) are not automatically updated when you install the new addon. To update an old project, you will have to recreate it, and then move the relevant resources (the .blend, your code from the core folder, and all the assets under android/assets/bdx) from the old project to the new project.

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