Dark Burn Theme for Emacs 24
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Darkburn Theme

This fork is no lorger maintained !!!

On February of 2016 a patch was merged into the original Zenburn theme that makes this fork obsolete. See commit b057fa5b2e0ad3a10d15709a3748156dd5282909.

The original Zenburn theme now has an easy customization feature. To make the changes from this theme on the original, use the following:

(defvar zenburn-override-colors-alist
  '(("zenburn-bg" . "#111111")))
(load-theme 'zenburn t)

A not-so-low contrast color theme for Emacs. A mod of the Zenburn theme for Emacs 24 by Bozhidar Batsov to make backgrounds a little darker.

To install it, look for darkburn-theme in MELPA or click on the badge below.



Dark Burn Theme for Emacs 24