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MyMuse: sell your tracks online
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MyMuse for Joomla

Sell your tunes online. Sell your merchandise. A component for Joomla. This is a test site. Find the official release at

The component files are in the src directory

  • administrator/

  • install/

  • media/

  • modules/

  • plugins/

  • site/

  • manifest.xml - included in the component

  • script.php - included in the component

  • build.xml - used by phing to copy files into /joomla


  • com_mymuse-*****.zip - the latest build
  • - copy of the latest build

Testing with Linux

If your web root is /var/www/html and you clone the repository there, you can reach the test install at http://localhost/mymuse/joomla

To install, rename installation.dist to installation and go to http://localhost/mymuse/joomla

Tests assume the admin account is user: admin, pass: admin. Database prefix is: bf7gn_ Edit the files joomla/tests/acceptance.suite.yml and reports.suite.yml with database credentials.

You can also consult configuration.dist.php.

Mail tests may require using smtpauth if you cannot mail from localhost.

Testing with Codeception and Joomla Browser

You need 'composer' installed

$ cd joomla

$ composer install

We use the chrome webdriver we have put into joomla/bin

Start it in the background like this

$ ./bin/chromedriver --url-base=/wd/hub &

Run the first test

$ php vendor/bin/codecept run acceptance AdminLoginCest

If all goes well, try installing MyMuse

$ php vendor/bin/codecept run acceptance MyMuseBasicCest

OR use the mymake script

$ ./mymake webdriver

$ ./mymake component

$ ./mymake test


  • mymake - shell script to aid in building $ ./mymake webdriver : Will start the chrome webdriver in the background

    $ ./mymake phing : Will copy files from src to joomla into correct spots. You need phing installed:

    $ ./mymake component : Will zip up the component and put copies in /releases and joomla/tests/data

    $ ./mymake test [sub-test] : Will run all acceptance tests, or the one you want (ex. ./mymake test MyMuseBasicCest.php).

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