Email a preconfigured global email address if set when a forum posting occurs, to enable easier moderation of forums.
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= Email Notification of Forum Postings
The Forums module, available at LINK does not unfortunately email moderators or any other email address when a posting occurs, making it tricky to keep a handle on spam.

In order to get round this problem, this module decorates the existing Forums module, emailing a globally configurable email address if it is set.  If it is not set then no email is sent.

= Configuration
In mysite/_config.php

	global $forum_moderator_email_address
	$forum_moderator_email_address = ''

With the above configured, and on the assumption that email from your server is working correctly, emails should be sent to the globally configured email address each time a posting is made.

I am still quite new to Silverstripe, this is my first module.  The above is not very fine grained but works.

Future improvements?

- Email all the moderators for the current forum
- Make the email address configurable in the CMS