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Command line flac converter
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This is a Ruby command line application that can convert flac files to another format such as mp3, using ffmpeg


  • Ruby (developed using Ruby 2.5.1)
  • ffmpeg (developed using ffmpeg 4.1)

This application requires that your system has both Ruby and ffmpeg installed.

Ruby offers installers, as does ffmpeg

ffmpeg can also be installed using homebrew:

brew install ffmpeg


./flac-converter [options]

Or place in an executable path such as /usr/local/bin and:

flac-converter [options]

Optional arguments

  • -s, --source-dir=SOURCE_DIR Source directory (default: current directory)
  • -t, --target-dir=TARGET_DIR Target directory (default: current directory + /converted_files)
  • -c, --codec=CODEC Specify the codec (default: mp3)
  • -r, --sample-rate=SAMPLE_RATE Specify the sample rate (default: 44100)
  • -b, --bit-rate=BIT_RATE Specify the bit rate (default: 320k)
  • -a, --channels=AUDIO_CHANNELS Specify the audio channels (default: 2)
  • -d, --delete Delete source file after conversion (defaut: false)
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