Abstraction for eventual values
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An abstraction for eventual values.

What is an eventual value?

An eventual value is a placeholder for values that will be recieved asyncronously at some point in the future. Eventual values are typically used in place of callbacks for asyncronous operations. They allow you to return a deferred value syncronously that will be resolved asyncronously. Using deferred values allows you describe asyncronous actions in a syncronous fashion.

You may have seen eventual value abstractions before: jQuery.deferred and Promise are both abstractions layers for eventual values.

By allowing you to return a future value immediately, eventuals give you a handy way to avoid nested callback hell. They also make it easy to describe asyncronous control flows that are difficult to handle with callbacks ("do this when x and y are ready, then wait for any of a, b and c, and do that").


npm install eventual

Show me how...

Let's create an eventual version of Node's readFile.

// Require our library files...
var eventuals = require('eventual'),
    defer = eventuals.defer,
    deliver = eventuals.deliver,
    when = eventuals.when;

var fs = require('fs');

// Create our readFile function.
function readFile(file, encoding) {
  // Create a deferred value.
  var deferredFileContents = defer();
  fs.readFile(file, (encoding || 'utf8'), function (err, contents) {
    // When file is read, deliver the contents. If there is an
    // error, deliver that instead.
    deliver(deferredFileContents, (err || contents));
  return deferredFileContents;

var deferredFoo = readFile('foo.txt');

when(deferredFoo, myCallback, myErrback);

var deferredBar = readFile('bar.txt');

var deferredBoth = group(deferredFoo, deferredBar);
when(deferredBoth, myOtherCallback, myOtherErrback);