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# [TodoMVC]( using reducers
+Reducers is a reactive programming approach to creating applications.
+Reducers allow you to process streams of data in real time by using and transforming processing functions. You don't have to create a bunch of interim array containers for that data, because your functions react to it *as it streams in*.
+There are a bunch of happy side-effects to this approach as well:
+* You don't need to do data-binding. Since you're mapping and filtering from the same live stream, everything stays in sync automatically.
+* You don't need to allocate memory to store your data if you don't want to. Your program reacts to the data as it streams in.
## Install
+You'll need [Node][node] with [NPM][npm]. Once you've got that:
+cd todomvc/architecture-examples/reducers
npm install
+You'll also need [Browserify][].
+npm install -g browserify
## Usage
+cd todomvc/architecture-examples/reducers
npm run browserify
-Unfortunately [browserify][] watch is [broken on OSX 10.7][watch bug], but
+Unfortunately [Browserify][browserify] watch is [broken on OSX 10.7][watch bug], but
there is a [fix][watch fix] that did not made it to upstream yet. As a
temporary workaround you could use that fix to get watch working:
@@ -23,7 +42,8 @@ curl | git am
npm install -g
[watch bug]:
[watch fix]:

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