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UX Workspace

Getting started

Uses Wintersmith. You'll have to install it:

npm install -g wintersmith

Then, you'll want to install the site dependencies:

cd ~/path/to/wintersmith-blog/
npm install

You can write and preview your work locally:

wintersmith preview

"Bake" your changes into static files:

wintersmith build

Creating a new page/article

Create a new file anywhere in the contents/ folder. Name it with the appropriate file extension. We currently have plugins installed for:

Here's what a file should look like:

title: Hello!
date: 2012-10-01 15:00
template: cinematic.html

My content goes here!

Templated files files require a head section (the bit between the ---), written YAML-style.

All fields are optional except the template field. template tells Wintersmith which template to use for rendering the content. The other fields are just meta data exposed to the template as variables. You can add as many or as few as you like.