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Simple 6809 emulator, adapted from work by Jerome Thoen
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This is version 0.1 beta of sim6809.

sim6809 is a 6809 simulator, which contains a debugger, and support for
Intel Hex binary files.

This program is beta software, and enhancements are welcome.
There is no documentation at this time. To see debugger commands, type "h"
in the debugger.
Have a look to the example 6809 file example.asm, which explains how to print
text on the console, and how to read a string from standard input.

This program needs an assembler which is able to produce Intel Hex files,
such as the 6809 free assembler that you can find with sim6809 on my web
page at:

If you know other Unix 6809 assemblers, please tell me, I am interested.
Please send me your comments or bug reports:
Jerome Thoen <>

sim6809 is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.
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