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chore: disable prettier for now

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caarlos0 committed Aug 1, 2018
1 parent a12a8bc commit 6690897da402386d11988ae3536b202ff7f5ab85
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@@ -39,14 +39,14 @@ cover: test
# gofmt and goimports all go files
find . -name '*.go' -not -wholename './vendor/*' | while read -r file; do gofmt -w -s "$$file"; goimports -w "$$file"; done
find . -name '*.md' -not -wholename './vendor/*' | xargs prettier --write
# find . -name '*.md' -not -wholename './vendor/*' | xargs prettier --write
.PHONY: fmt

# Run all the linters
# TODO: fix tests and lll issues
./bin/golangci-lint run --tests=false --enable-all --disable=lll ./...
find . -name '*.md' -not -wholename './vendor/*' | xargs prettier -l
# find . -name '*.md' -not -wholename './vendor/*' | xargs prettier -l
.PHONY: lint

# Run all the tests and code checks

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