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@@ -20,23 +20,32 @@ You don't really need to set anything up. To get started, run:

goreleaser release --rm-dist --split
GOOS=darwin goreleaser release --rm-dist --split
GGOOS=windows goreleaser release --rm-dist --split

Note that this step will push your Docker images as well.
Docker manifests are not created yet, though.

This will build only the artifacts for your current `GOOS`, and you should be
able to find them in `dist/$GOOS`.
- In the first example, it'll build for the current `GOOS` (as returned by
- In the second, it'll use the informed `GOOS`. This env will also bleed to
things like before hooks, so be aware that any `go run` commands ran by
GoReleaser there might fail.
- The third example uses the informed `GGOOS`, which is used only to filter
which targets should be build, and does not affect anything else (as the
second option does).

You can run the other `GOOS` you want as well by either running in their OS, or
by giving a `GOOS` to `goreleaser`.
Those commands will create the needed artifacts for each platform in

You should then have multiple `GOOS` folder inside your `dist` folder.
You can also specify `GOARCH` and `GGOARCH`, which only take effect if you set
`` to `target`.

Now, to continue, run:

goreleaser continue
goreleaser continue --merge

This last step will run some extra things that were not run during the previous
@@ -75,3 +84,8 @@ partial:
by: target

## Integration with GitHub Actions

You can find an example project
Feel free to dive into the workflow and the GoReleaser config.

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