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docs: add Goldenhand Software to users (#3425)

Hi, thanks for contributing!

Please make sure you read our CONTRIBUTING guide.

Also, add tests and the respective documentation changes as well.


<!-- If applied, this commit will... -->

This will add Goldenhand Software to users' list 

<!-- Why is this change being made? -->

I would like to support GoReleaser as a solo contactor

<!-- # Provide links to any relevant tickets, URLs or other resources

Note: I love the announce functionality of GoReleaser and I do think
anything other than Slack should be included in GoReleaser PRO. Announce
requires a good time of development for change notes to be announced in
different integrations. As a developer who do integrations every day, I
do think announce section should require PRO (excluding slack and
webhook one)

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mrwormhole committed Sep 30, 2022
1 parent 8acc729 commit abd05860cae4f86f61ffa96a35c4b7c8931b05af
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ Here's a running list of some organizations using GoReleaser[^1]:
1. [GitHub](
1. [Go Buffalo](
1. [GolangCI](
1. [Goldenhand Software](
1. [Google](
1. [Hashicorp](
1. [Helm](

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