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# Thanks for buying GoReleaser Pro! 🥳

A few notes on how to get started:

- [x] if you use GitHub Actions, make sure to set the `distribution` option to
`pro`. Don't forget to add the `GORELEASER_KEY` environment variable as
- [x] if you installed GoReleaser via a package manager, you'll need to install a
different package. Usually it's the same name as the OSS, but with a
`-pro` suffix.[^install]
- [x] Once you install the Pro version, you can set the `GORELEASER_KEY`
environment variable according to your shell of choice, and use it the same
way you use the OSS version — with all the extra features!
- [x] If you use the YAML Language Server, check out the Pro Schema as
- [x] If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact in the email you
received or on any of the public chats we have.[^links]

I hope GoReleaser Pro helps improving your release workflow even more!

Thank you!

[^actions]: See all the GitHub Actions options [here](/ci/actions).
[^install]: Check out all the installation methods [here](/install).
[^schema]: More about our JSONSchemas [here](/customization/).
[^links]: All our contact, forums and media links are available [here](/links).

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