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feat: integrate ConventionalExtension from nfpm v2.20.0 (#3468)

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<!-- If applied, this commit will... -->

This PR upgrades nFPM to v0.20.0, and integrates the new
`ConventionalExtension` method to use the correct extension for the
packaging format that is being used.

<!-- Why is this change being made? -->

Currently, goreleaser uses the name of the format to determine the
extension. This has worked fine, but with the introduction of Archlinux
packages, goreleaser has to handle packages with extensions that don't
match the name of the format, since Archlinux uses `.pkg.tar.zst` as the

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Arsen6331 committed Oct 15, 2022
1 parent 9e6fb4f commit f6eb51cb9cb4d890b436cca43e7887da8101d6d4
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Showing 3 changed files with 13 additions and 5 deletions.
2 go.mod
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ require ( v47.1.0 v1.3.0 v1.3.0 v2.19.2 v2.20.0 v0.3.13 v0.6.0 v1.2.0
4 go.sum
@@ -878,8 +878,8 @@ v0.2.2 h1:V7nf07baXtGAgGevvqgW2MM4kZ6gOr12vKNSAU3VI v0.2.2/go.mod h1:2s5JwtCOWjZa8AIneL+xdUl9SRuigCjRHNHsX30dupE= v1.3.0 h1:/X6J7U8lbDpQtBvGcwwPS6OpzkNVlVEsFUVRx9+k+7I= v1.3.0/go.mod h1:Jx6BoXv3mbYkEzwm9THo7xbr5egkAraxkGorbJb4RxU= v2.19.2 h1:6t6vP9omE9zA0IHBRJEB3dYxEMr12+pi3XXQmZMVGL4= v2.19.2/go.mod h1:2acYIovWEOxohlx7FxexG47BV8E03ZEmQ2dX8wkl7AY= v2.20.0 h1:Q/CrX54KUMluz6+M/pjTbknFd5Dao8qXi0C6ZuFCtfY= v2.20.0/go.mod h1:/Fh6XfwT/T+D4qtNC2iXmHSD/1UT20JkvBXyJ6nFmOY= v1.1.1/go.mod h1:kBGZzfjB9CEq2AlWe17Uuf7NDRt0dE0s8S51q0aT7Yg= v0.0.0-20150720190736-60c7bfde3e33/go.mod h1:Qkdc/uu4tH4g6mTK6auzZ766c4CA0Ng8+o/OAirnOIQ= v1.6.2/go.mod h1:1lud6UwP+6orDFRuTfBEV8e9/aOM/c4fVVCaMa2zaAs=
@@ -376,8 +376,16 @@ func create(ctx *context.Context, fpm config.NFPM, format string, binaries []*ar
if err != nil {
return err
if !strings.HasSuffix(name, "."+format) {
name = name + "." + format

ext := "." + format
if packager, ok := packager.(nfpm.PackagerWithExtension); ok {
if format != "termux.deb" {
ext = packager.ConventionalExtension()

if !strings.HasSuffix(name, ext) {
name = name + ext

path := filepath.Join(ctx.Config.Dist, name)

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