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  • v0.38.0
  • e82994f
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  • v0.38.0
  • e82994f
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@caarlos0 caarlos0 released this Dec 10, 2017 · 1469 commits to master since this release


415613e bump: deps
7c9e1ee chore: add nolint to the todo make task
8627037 chore: added empty lines
752c071 chore: enable debug in fpm TestRunPipe
2cc10c3 chore: fixed/ignore lint issues
492a018 feat: Added basic support to push binaries into Artifactory
5193680 feat: Allow overriding fpm destination for binaries
d875dd0 feat: Implemented upload mode for Artifactory pipeline
8e6133c feat: allow override dist folder
83093ac feat: break if main package doesnt have a main func
3064e11 feat: improved fpm output
3234cb9 feat: make fpm respect --parallelism
df0cf14 feat: re-added parallelism on fpm pipe
0b0c12a fix: Adjusted codebase according comments from @caarlos0
2842b86 fix: Don't continue Artifactory pipeline when there is an error
37bc09f fix: Use HTTP error if upload to Artifactory failes
11fee22 fix: a new workdir for each fpm instance
9a9b937 fix: accepting non-main.go files as well
adc2d7d fix: dependencies and conflicts on brew tap
c1d2c28 fix: gometalinter warnings for Artifactory pipeline
024ca0a fix: panic while access a http response in Artifactory pipeline
51bc617 fix: shadows declaration (vetshadow)
4021a8e refactor: Generalized uploadAssetAndLog in Artifactory pipeline
27a9abc refactor: Introduced name per artifactory instance for identification
af618f9 refactor: Removed os.Getenv / os.Setenv in favor of ctx.Env
4e4529b refactor: Simplified if checks for configured artifactories
13d2bca refactor: improved error message
ce9e1c5 refactor: improved error messages
eb48a02 refactor: improved test code
5a2f6d0 refactor: remove unnecessary code
d9f13a3 refactor: set default value of bindir in defaults pipe
03aec11 refactor: small improvement on if stmt
48ddd4c refactor: using ast parser instead
8ae5d15 refactor: using errors package properly
dba83bf refactor: using os.Stat to decide wether it is a file or a dir
3fa0fe5 test: Add more unit tests for Artifactory pipeline
78f83ec test: Add three new unit tests for Artifactory pipeline
240a70e test: Added three new unit tests for Artifactory pipeline
eacabad test: Fix unit test TestArtifactoriesWithInvalidMode
a9f33bd test: added a test case for an invalid main.go

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