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@caarlos0 caarlos0 released this Oct 5, 2018 · 232 commits to master since this release


0ebf43a chore: go fmt
c773e57 feat: Add support for docker build-flags
94f88ba feat: Add templating support for docker build-flags
af99acf feat: add new template fields
652645b feat: artifactory checksum header (#772)
748d97e feat: git remote url in the template engine
aded99f feat: scoop: accept name/project name (#811)
282fd74 fix customization link (#818)
60b0bc2 fix: add deprecation notice
281632f fix: import path (#808)
01189ba fix: improve goreleaser init
9541ed6 fix: typo (#815)

Docker images

  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.88.0
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.88
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:latest
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