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@caarlos0 caarlos0 released this Nov 29, 2018 · 127 commits to master since this release


816bba2 Added Dockerfile for CGO-geared builds
19f4ed6 Optimized Dockerfile layers and added fingerprint checking
e966f99 clean: removed unused method
e794eaf feat: add custom_require to brew formula generation
52e5c3a feat: also build/publish docker w/ cgo image
71abba6 feat: set github as pre-release if tag has a pre-release indicator (#871)
18b8be6 feat: support custom wrap directory
18efb4a fix: change defaults order
5e3e6b2 fix: convert docker images to Alpine (#884)
aec15be fix: docker: added labels
5449d5c fix: docker: binary

Docker images

  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.94.0
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.94
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:latest
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.94.0-cgo
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.94-cgo
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:latest-cgo
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