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@caarlos0 caarlos0 released this Jan 19, 2019 · 75 commits to master since this release


  • do not override existing release notes #932
  • git.short_hash removed for good #931
  • better handling of semver parsing #930
  • support templating docker.binaries #926
  • added github_urls.skip_tls_verify #924
  • allow templating on builds.flags #923


0ef202c chore: unrequired if
a31abde clean: remove uneeded extra tag check
59f10ad clean: removed deprecated git.short_hash option
742c8d0 clean: removed uneeded param
ed2ca57 clean: unused err
98f22d7 feat: allow skipping changelog generation
e13a331 feat: support skip tls on github cli
ef0bb10 feat: support templates on docker.binaries
7d7951a feat: template on flags (#923)
d95b7f9 fix: cast
4a8d526 fix: do not override release notes
df83107 fix: improved semver parsing
f07bc40 fix: lint
6a87444 fix: nil transport
55169a8 fix: nil transport

Docker images

  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.98.0
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.98
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:latest
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.98.0-cgo
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:v0.98-cgo
  • docker pull goreleaser/goreleaser:latest-cgo
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