NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go
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NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go.

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While fpm is great, for me it is a bummer that it depends on Ruby, tar and probably other software.

I wanted something that could be used as a binary and/or as a lib on go-software, so I hacked this together and it works!


  • be simple to use
  • provide packaging for the most common linux packaging systems (at very least deb and rpm)
  • be distributed as a single binary
  • reproducible results
    • depend on the fewer external things as possible (namely rpmbuild)
    • generate packages based on yaml files (maybe also json and toml?)
  • be possible to use it as a lib in other go projects (namely goreleaser itself)
  • support complex packages and power users


The first steps are to run nfpm init to initialize a config file and edit the generated file according to your needs:

nfpm init

The next step is to run nfpm pkg --target mypkg.deb. NFPM will guess which packager to use based on the target file extension.

nfpm pkg

And that's it!

Usage as a docker image

You can run it with docker as well:

docker run --rm \
  -v $PWD:/tmp/pkg \
  goreleaser/nfpm pkg --config /tmp/pkg/foo.yml --target /tmp/pkg/foo.rpm

That's it!

Usage as lib

You can look at the code of nfpm itself to see how to use it as a library, or, take a look at the nfpm pipe on GoReleaser.

Attention: GoReleaser deb packager only compiles with go1.10+.


  • both deb and rpm packaging are working but there are some missing features.

Special thanks

Thanks to the fpm authors for fpm, which inspires nfpm a lot.


Donations are very much appreciated! You can donate/sponsor on the main goreleaser opencollective! It's easy and will surely help the developers at least buy some ☕️ or 🍺!

Stargazers over time

goreleaser/nfpm stargazers over time

Would you like to fix something in the documentation? Feel free to open an issue.