Retro first-person shooter, written in JavaScript using three.js.
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gorescript classic

A '90s-style 2.5D first-person shooter game built from scratch, complete with its own content creation pipeline.

See releases for corresponding asset bundles.

How to build

The steps to build it are:

  • Download the repository

  • Download the assets zip from here

  • Unpack the assets to the \src\game folder (so the \src\game folder should now contain an \assets folder)

  • Install Node.js

  • Open a command line window, go to the root folder of the repository

  • Run the commands:

      npm install gulp -g
      npm install
      gulp web-debug
  • When it says "finished js-client" hit CTRL+C and terminate it

  • Go to the newly created \dist folder (in the root of the repository)

  • Run the commands:

      npm install http-server -g

http://localhost:8080 should now contain a playable version of the game.

Custom maps