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2018-09-24 21:32:15 +0200

Obviously since you are most probably reading this on Github, Github will form the major part of the workflow for contributing to this package.

See also:

Contributors and Significant Contributors

All contributions are welcome. However, there is a new class of contributor, called Significant Contributors.

A Significant Contributor is one who has shown deep understanding of how the library works and/or its environs. Here are examples of what constitutes a Significant Contribution:

  • Wrote significant amounts of documentation pertaining to why/the mechanics of particular functions/methods and how the different parts affect one another
  • Wrote code, and tests around the more intricately connected parts of Gorgonia
  • Wrote code and tests, and have at least 5 pull requests accepted
  • Provided expert analysis on parts of the package (for example, you may be a floating point operations expert who optimized one function)
  • Answered at least 10 support questions.

Significant Contributors list will be updated once a month (if anyone even uses Gorgonia that is).