@chewxy chewxy released this Jan 30, 2019

V0.9.0 working 2 (#227)

* Added Issue 217 to known issues
Renamed the ConstDeriv test to 182

* Added Reset() to BatchNormOp to conform to the same interface as the native version woul

* Clean up, and plugged some leaks

* Fixed a slight issue with the compilation. DoWork() is emitted before a linalg op now

* [fix] The test for Reshape Operator was incorrect

* Temporarily commented away the tests for #217

* Added error message for VM Genera

* Added go1.11 to travis
Fixed CUDA Conv backprop shape error

* [fix] Using NewOrderedNodes as an implementation of gonum.Nodes

* Fixed the tests to use the new gonum interface

* Fixed an error in the error.warpf call

* [fix] Back to the idea that graph options should not be exported

* [fix] More idiomatic way to handle error msg

* Merged from v0.9.2-working2

* New stuff? I don't know when I did this

* Fixes #257 I think

* Renamed examples/stacked autoencoder to examples/stacked_autoencoder

* Added tests. Added better error support for LISPMachine. Removed sanity check for now because there are some weird things wrt dimensions in dual values

* Updated with 237fix
There seems to be a problem with the concurrent training example, so it has been commented out for now

The `sanity()` method of the dual values have been temporarily suspended. Turns out lispMachines don't play well when there are differently shaped (but legal) derivations.
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