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Arduino + Johnny five = cat remote control
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to use the cat bot you need to require it ...

var catbot = require('catbot');

catbot(function (error, hardware) {
    Called when Board ready. Use your robot:
    hardware = {
        board  : Board
      , x      : Servo
      , y      : Servo
      , online : Led
      , laser  : Led
      , rst    : Function

Use it

instantiate the bot

see the code above.

setup the port

from time to time J5 tries to convert my bluetooth port to an arduino, so i need to specify the port the arduino is hooked up to. you can spécify the desired port from the command line as an argument with the flag -P.

node cat.js -P /dev/cu.usbmodem1421

inside the bot :

move the X axis servo to 30° same goes for Y

switch the laser on hardware.laser.on() same goes for online led

Build it

for the moment the cat is hardwired, so to have a properly responding cat remote control device wire as follow :

  • servoX : pin 10
  • servoY : pin 9
  • online led : pin 13
  • laser : pin 12

here is a diagram of the cat wiring

catbot wiring

the led with the transistor is the laser, my Fritzing did not have a laser module


see the unfinished docs in the link bellow

get the (still at work) docs here

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