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Reminder: Chromium 41 (or browsers based on) still suffer from that ugly bug which causes a big chunk of memory leak each time a user opens the popup UI of an extension. Therefore, the more you use the popup UI in Chromium, the larger the memory footprint of uBlock (or any extension really) will grow. I've already seen feedback like "doesn't have a µ memory footprint at all for me. >250MB" (for µMatrix). This is important to keep this Chromium memory leak bug in mind if you make use of dynamic filtering, as this feature requires frequent access to the popup UI.


If you install uBlock₀ manually:

Because now this version is a fork of the previous repo, I needed to also change name for installation purpose, which means that with this release, uBlock₀ will no longer fetch settings from former uBlock, so it will install as if it was the first time.

Please backup all your settings using a prior release -- if not done yet. You can restore them all with this release. This can be easily done through the Settings pane in uBlock₀'s dashboard: just click the "Restore from file" button.

If you install from the Chrome/Opera store, there is nothing to do.

Related issue: Make this version of uBlock to be installed alongside with gorhill's.