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Note: There is nothing extraordinary with this version "1.0". The purpose of version numbers is simply to distinguish one version from the previous one. uBlock has been considered stable since quite a while already. Version number changes work this way: bug fixes only: + New minor feature: + New major feature: + I consider the new DOM inspector to be a new major feature.


  • Bengali translation by Leemon2010.
  • Tamil translation by albertalbs.
  • New wiki page for easy subscription to a choice of filter lists
  • You can open the logger in its own separate window when opened from the popup UI with the Shift key pressed.
  • Ability to strict-block using finer-grained filters, rather than just whole sites:
    • Use the document option: means strict-block whole page.
      • To reiterate: exception filters with the document option are still discarded by uBlock.
    • Permanently disabling strict-blocking is still on a per-site basis though, by design.
New logger tool

A new DOM inspector tool can be accessed from the logger (the </> button), to assist in the creation of cosmetic filters, including the ability to interactively create exception cosmetic filters (a long missing ability):



  • Click on an element to hide it
  • Click on a cosmetic filter (red) to unhide the element(s) affected by it

Once you are satisfied with the result, click the save icon to commit your changes. This will open a modal dialog box which will show you the resulting list of cosmetic filters, and all the elements which are affected by those will be highlighted on the page: red = will be hidden as a result, green = will no longer be hidden as a result.

You can further manually edit the listed filters, and the page will show the result live. So if you end up creating an invalid filter, this will be reflected in the page which will show nothing highlighted.

Once you click create, these filters are now part of your custom filters.

Click the eraser to reset all changes to the page, i.e. any selected elements or cosmetic filters will be un-clicked in the inspector.

That new feature is part of the logger, hence all this new code is loaded in memory if and only if the logger is opened.

Closed as fixed

  • Dynamic URL Filtering noop rules not reflected on Dynamic Filtering UI
  • logger-ui bug aero transparency
  • GMail with uBlock Origin slows down after being open for an extended period of time
    • In all likelihood, issue was caused by uBlock's content scripts losing communication with uBlock's main process: this would cause some internal data structures to pile up and grow forever in the long run.
    • Possibly a rare occurrence, but this could be easily reproduced by forcing uBlock to restart: this would cause content scripts in currently opened web pages to lose contact with uBlock.
      • Long-lived dynamically updated web pages would be most affected by this issue (Gmail, Youtube, etc.)
      • Forcing a reload of those pages would fix the issue.
    • The client messaging code has been hardened to cleanup/shutdown itself when it loses contact with uBlock's main process.
  • Logger does not report [style="..."]
    • The fix requires that the browser supports shadow DOM.
    • If the browser does not support shadow DOM, the code will fallback to how things worked previously, and issues related to #435 will be back as well.
    • Shadow DOM support is disabled by default in Firefox. You can enable it by setting dom.webcomponents.enabled to true in about:config. Do this at your own risk: assume that it's not enabled by default for good reasons.
  • Url Blocking Issue