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There is now a development version of uBlock Origin on AMO -- scroll to the bottom, expand Development Channel. You can install the latest dev build from there, and my understanding is that the package is signed, hence it can be used in latest Firefox without Firefox warning that it is an unsigned extension. Also, you will be automatically updated when I release a new dev build.


Support for cloud storage (wiki)

Related issues: #80, uBlock-LLC/uBlock#126.

I consider the new feature to be early development, a lot more testing by more users will tell how well it works. Please refrain from filing feature requests related to cloud storage unless it's a severe usability issue for everybody.

Dashboard: Revert buttons

Revert buttons have been added to the My filters and Whitelist panes in the dashboard. I figured this was needed with the new ability to import data from cloud storage.

All non-default 3rd-party filter lists are no longer part of the package

The only 3rd-party filter lists which are part of the package are the ones which are selected by default in uBlock:

  • EasyList
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad server list‎
  • Malware Domain List‎
  • Malware domains‎

If you had any other stock filter lists selected, the change should be seamless, except for the filter lists which have been removed from the stock filter lists, because there were no longer maintained, and/or of dubious quality:

  • ESP: Filtros Nauscopicos

If you want to keep using these removed filter lists, you will have to import them as external filter lists.

The conversion of non-default stock filter lists into external stock filter lists allowed to reduce uBlock Origin's package size from ~3.6 MB to less than 1.5 MB.

CAVEAT: if you were importing as custom filter list a filter list which was already available in the stock filter lists, you will now have to select the appropriate stock filter list. Trying to import as custom filter list a filter list which is already available in the stock filter lists won't work: uBlock Origin will refuse to import a custom filter list which is already available in the stock filter lists. Sorry for the inconvenience. (issues #668, #669).


Closed as fixed:


[1] Example of such filter found in EasyList: ||doubleclick.net^$third-party,domain=3news.co.nz|92q.com|abc-7.com|addictinggames.com|allbusiness.com|allthingsd.com|bizjournals.com|bloomberg.com|bnn.ca|boom92houston.com|boom945.com|boomphilly.com|break.com|cbc.ca|cbs19.tv|cbs3springfield.com|cbsatlanta.com|cbslocal.com|complex.com|dailymail.co.uk|darkhorizons.com|doubleviking.com|euronews.com|extratv.com|fandango.com|fox19.com|fox5vegas.com|gorillanation.com|hawaiinewsnow.com|hellobeautiful.com|hiphopnc.com|hot1041stl.com|hothiphopdetroit.com|hotspotatl.com|hulu.com|imdb.com|indiatimes.com|indyhiphop.com|ipowerrichmond.com|joblo.com|kcra.com|kctv5.com|ketv.com|koat.com|koco.com|kolotv.com|kpho.com|kptv.com|ksat.com|ksbw.com|ksfy.com|ksl.com|kypost.com|kysdc.com|live5news.com|livestation.com|livestream.com|metro.us|metronews.ca|miamiherald.com|my9nj.com|myboom1029.com|mycolumbusmagic.com|mycolumbuspower.com|myfoxdetroit.com|myfoxorlando.com|myfoxphilly.com|myfoxphoenix.com|myfoxtampabay.com|nbcrightnow.com|neatorama.com|necn.com|neopets