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Firefox WebExtensions

Issues with uBO/webext? If so, then read carefully before filing any issue.


Update 2: Also, there appears to be a limit to how much data can be stored in indexedDB, so if you have many more extra filter lists, not all of them will be able to load, and this can also break the future updating of whichever filter lists could load. In short, total mess. Just as I feared, there are issues with indexedDB. Wrong, there is no limit -- I erroneously concluded there was a limit. I can only hypothesize that it I was maybe my network connection which for whatever reason had become less responsive -- and led me to believe I could not add more filter lists.

Update 3: Some users are still using Firefox for Android 54. Unfortunately, this version does not have a way to access extension's popup panel or dashboard, this is fixed in Firefox for Android 55. See

To recover your lost settings:

Due to the many reported issues with the webext-hybrid version of uBO, I am pushing the pure webext version of uBO to AMO. If this causes all your custom settings to be lost, you can recover them by following these steps (two options offered):

Option 1

  1. Install version 1.13.8:
  2. Backup all your settings: go to the Settings pane in the dashboard, click on the "Back up to file" button at the bottom.
  3. Install latest stable release from AMO:
  4. Restore your settings: go to the Settings pane in the dashboard, click on the "Restore from file..." button at the bottom.

Option 2

OR, you still may want to first try the webext-hybrid approach, and maybe the issue affecting lots of users won't affect you:

  1. Install version 1.13.10:
  2. Install latest stable release from AMO:

As required by AMO review process, the Firefox webext[-hybrid] version of uBO will no longer fetch the latest version of assets/filters/resources.txt from the project's repository.

The Firefox webext[-hybrid] version of uBO now uses indexedDB to store its cacheable assets[1]. There are positive and negative consequences as a result. See issue #2925 for details.

[1] "Cacheable assets" refer to: filter lists downloaded from remote servers; compiled (pre-parsed) filter lists; "selfie" (kind of dated doc but "selfie" part is still relevant).

Closed as fixed:



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