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The Chrome Web Store version of uBO is deployed in stages over several days to ensure no severe regression. When all is fine, the stable release becomes available to everybody after about five days.


Per-site JavaScript master switch

A new per-site switch has been added to the popup panel, which acts as a master switch for JavaScript for the current site.


This master switch has blocking precedence over dynamic filtering rules and static filters related to script resources.

Furthermore, when JavaScript is disabled through this master switch, noscript tags will be honoured on a page (as opposed to when just using filters/rules to block script resources).

As with some other per-site switches, the default state of per-site JavaScript master switch can be set in the Settings pane, thus allowing to disable JavaScript everywhere by default, and enable on a per-site basis:


JavaScript master switch rules appear as no-scripting: [hostname] true entries in the My rules pane.

Temporarily toggle per-site switches

From now on, changes to the state of per-site switches will be deemed temporary if and only if the overview panel is visible, regardless of whether "advanced user" mode is enabled.

When the overview panel is not visible, toggling a per-site switch will cause the change to be permanent (i.e. same behavior as before).

However, when the overview panel is visible, toggling a per-site switch will cause the change to be temporary. In such case, there will be an eraser and a padlock icon in the overview pane, which can be used to revert or persist the current state of all the per-site switches.

Cache storage compression

A new advanced setting: cacheStorageCompression, default to true. When true, uBO will lz4-compress data before storing it in its cache storage in supported platforms. Currently, the only supported platform is Firefox/Firefox for Android.

The cache storage is used for storing downloaded filter lists, compiled filter lists, selfies. See uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues#141 for related discussion.

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