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@gorhill gorhill released this 26 Sep 13:22

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Important: The compile format of filter lists has changed, and this means upon update uBO will have to recompile all filter lists, so this may cause a longer delay at launch the first time uBO is launched after being updated. This is a one time event.

The cloud storage feature has been improved in a number of ways:

  • Better reporting of error conditions in the user interface;
  • User interface widget to report storage used/total/max;
  • Support for compressing cloud storage data.

Improved "My rules" user interface:

  • Ability to sort rules by type, source, or destination;
  • Ability to show changes only.

Added support to chain :style(...) operator to procedural operators.

The element picker has been refactored to fix long standing issues (including some not reported in the issue tracker). The Ctrl key is no longer used to control the specificity of a candidate filter, and new widgets have been introduced for the purpose of more easily tuning the depth and specificity.

The click-to-subscribe feature has been reworked and is now allowed only on a select number of domains, currently:,,,,,

The concept of "bad list" has been introduced, to prevent users from unwittingly end up using what are deemed "bad lists" by the uBO team. Some "bad lists" will be completely ignored and importing them will be forbidden by uBO. This restriction can be bypassed by users by simply appending a dummy query parameter to the URL of the list.

Closed as fixed:

Firefox for Android


Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: