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@gorhill gorhill released this Mar 15, 2019


To get the new "uBlock filters -- Legacy" list, you will have to back up your uBO settings (bottom of Settings pane in uBO's dashboard), then restore them. This will force uBO to discard its internal version of the content of assets.json, which tells uBO where external resources are located.

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@gorhill gorhill released this Mar 13, 2019

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Emergency fix for Chromium-based browsers, due to an unexpected change in the behavior of webRequest.onBeforeRequest in Chromium 73. Because of this, I will bypass rolling out in stages and everybody will be upgraded to 1.18.8.

Closed as fixed:


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@gorhill gorhill released this Jan 26, 2019

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@gorhill gorhill released this Jan 24, 2019

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Refactoring of the logger code for performance/efficiency purpose -- the logger output has been decoupled from the DOM.

Additionally, these features were added to the logger:

  • configuration settings
    • multiple criteria can be used for when to discard logger entries
    • ability to hide some columns
  • export-to-clipboard
  • the position and size of the logger-as-a-popup window will be remembered
  • a pause button to stop the logger from taking in new events
  • a new built-in expressions picker to filter the logger output
  • show the hostname of the document which caused the resource to be fetched
  • show the 3rd-partyness of a resource relative to both the page and the document fetching the resource
  • new visual hint to denote tab-less network requests
  • a popup panel button linked to the tab selector

Documentation will be updated eventually to account for those changes.

Closed as fixed




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@gorhill gorhill released this Jan 20, 2019

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@gorhill gorhill released this Dec 4, 2018

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