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  • Download and unzip (latest release desirable).
  • Rename the unzipped directory to ublock
    • When you later update manually, replace the content of the ublock folder with the content of the latest zipped version.
    • This will ensure that all the extension settings will be preserved
    • As long as the extension loads from same folder path from which it was originally installed, all your settings will be preserved.
  • Go to chromium/chrome Extensions.
  • Click to check Developer mode.
  • Click Load unpacked extension....
  • In the file selector dialog:
    • Select the directory ublock which was created above.
    • Click Open.

The extension will now be available in your chromium/chromium-based browser.

Remember that you have to update manually also. For some users, updating manually is actually an advantage because:

  • You can update when you want
  • If ever a new version sucks, you can easily just re-install the previous one


Compatible with Firefox 52 and beyond.

For stable release version

This works only if you set xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config.see "Add-on signing in Firefox"

  • Download ublock0.firefox.xpi (latest release desirable).
    • Right-click and choose "Save As...".
  • Drag and drop the previously downloaded ublock0.firefox.xpi into Firefox

For beta version

Location of uBO settings

On Linux, the settings are saved in a JSON file located at ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/browser-extension-data/

When you uninstall the extension, Firefox deletes that file, so all your settings are lost when you uninstall.

Firefox legacy

Compatible with Firefox 24 to Firefox 56.

  • Download ublock0.firefox-legacy.xpi (latest release desirable).
    • Right-click and select "Save Link As..."
  • Drag and drop the previously downloaded ublock0.firefox-legacy.xpi into Firefox

With Firefox 43 and beyond, you may need to toggle the setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config.see "Add-on signing in Firefox"

Your uBlock Origin settings are kept intact even after you uninstall the addon.

On Linux, the settings are saved in a SQlite file located at ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/extension-data/ublock0.sqlite.

On Windows, the settings are saved in a SQlite file located at %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile name]\extension-data\ublock0.sqlite.

Build instructions (for developers)

  • Clone uBlock and uAssets repositories in the same parent directory
    • git clone
    • git clone
  • Set path to uBlock: cd uBlock
  • The official version of uBO is in the master branch
    • git checkout master
  • Build the plugin:
    • Chromium: ./tools/
    • Firefox webext: ./tools/ all
    • Firefox legacy:
      • git checkout firefox-legacy
      • ./tools/ all
  • Load the result of the build into your browser:
    • Chromium: load the unpacked extension folder /uBlock/dist/build/uBlock0.chromium/ in Chromium to use the extension.
    • Firefox: drag-and-drop /uBlock/dist/build/uBlock0.firefox.xpi or /uBlock/dist/build/uBlock0.firefox-legacy.xpi into Firefox.
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