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Experimental filters

Raymond Hill edited this page Feb 28, 2016 · 12 revisions

The experimental filters are filters being evaluated for inclusion in uBlock Origin's default set of filters. The goal of these filters is to lower page breakage in uBO.

The Experimental filters are disabled by default, enable only if you want to help evaluate/fine tune these filters.

If you find a page not working properly because of uBO, you may try to enable this filter list and see if this makes a difference.

In the unlikelihood you find web pages broken by the Experimental filter list, please open a GitHub issue with all the proper details[1] if and only if you are able to confirm that one of the experimental filter is causing the web page breakage -- which would be the opposite of its intended purpose.

There are currently two experimental filters, which are block-then-redirect filters, to block the following resources:

  • Normally not blocked by EasyPrivacy.
    • The effect of blocking by default can be appreciated by looking at how often it occurred as a 3rd-party in Easy blocking mode (which is default uBO settings).
    • Specifically, this would bring the number of 3rd parties hit during the benchmark for the Easy blocking mode from 512 to 466.
    • The neutered script should also further speed up page load speed.
  • Normally blocked by uBO, but blocking this resource has sometimes led to page breakage, so exception filters have been required. By forcing a redirect to a neutered version, the goal is to reduce page breakage while avoiding the need to create an exception filter for some sites (example).

Note that these two experimental filters use the important filter option, so they will bypass any existing exception filters.


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