Very bare walkthrough for first time users

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Images are way easier than walls of text to explain how uMatrix works. So let's visit

When you first visit, open the matrix:

Global scope

The top-most left-most cell is the currently selected scope. The currently selected scope is just a user interface thing. This allows you to look at, or edit rules in a specific scope. The matrix filtering engine always filter net requests by evaluating rules in the narrowest scope first.

All rules in uMatrix are created in a specific scope. Above in the picture, the * is selected. The * is the global scope. The global scope contains rules which applies everywhere, on every page you visit.

Since uMatrix works in block-all/allow-exceptionally out of the box, pretty much everything is blocked in the global scope, except for CSS-related and image resources.

Let's switch scope to click the scope cell, and select The matrix looks different now: scope

Here we see that in the scope, net requests which originate from within the domain are all allowed. (Except for cookie, that is my personal setting and I forgot to remove it before taking the screenshots.)

This is because of the 1st-party row: the cells in this row are used to tell what to do with net requests which are 1st-party to the URL address of the current page.

[TODO: complete this walkthrough]

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