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GDLauncher is a custom minecraft launcher focused on user experience and modding. If you wanna know more, click here.

Download -> GDLauncher v0.6.1

HomeScreen HomeScreen

🎨 Features (Working on)

  • Java Autorunner. (You don't need to have java installed, a suitable version will be downloaded automatically)
  • Log console. Always know what's happening
  • It's as easy as pie to install either the vanilla game and to install forge. No further action from the user is required.
  • It goes without saying that it has a built-in autoupdater, so you will never need to download a new version manually.
  • Vanilla, Forge and Curse modpacks download and autoupdater
  • Built-in manager for Minecraft servers
  • Cloud sync of game saves. With this you will never lose your saves again!

You can also:

  • Import and export modpacks from and to other launchers
  • Drag and drop instances wherever you like them, just like in your desktop
  • Keep track of the time you played each instance
  • Add instances to the download queue, they will automatically download one after the other
  • Manage your minecraft skin directly from the launcher
  • Directly connect to a server from the launcher using quick launch
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