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package feeds
// rss support
// validation done according to spec here:
import (
// private wrapper around the RssFeed which gives us the <rss>..</rss> xml
type rssFeedXml struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"rss"`
Version string `xml:"version,attr"`
Channel *RssFeed
type RssImage struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"image"`
Url string `xml:"url"`
Title string `xml:"title"`
Link string `xml:"link"`
Width int `xml:"width,omitempty"`
Height int `xml:"height,omitempty"`
type RssTextInput struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"textInput"`
Title string `xml:"title"`
Description string `xml:"description"`
Name string `xml:"name"`
Link string `xml:"link"`
type RssFeed struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"channel"`
Title string `xml:"title"` // required
Link string `xml:"link"` // required
Description string `xml:"description"` // required
Language string `xml:"language,omitempty"`
Copyright string `xml:"copyright,omitempty"`
ManagingEditor string `xml:"managingEditor,omitempty"` // Author used
WebMaster string `xml:"webMaster,omitempty"`
PubDate string `xml:"pubDate,omitempty"` // created or updated
LastBuildDate string `xml:"lastBuildDate,omitempty"` // updated used
Category string `xml:"category,omitempty"`
Generator string `xml:"generator,omitempty"`
Docs string `xml:"docs,omitempty"`
Cloud string `xml:"cloud,omitempty"`
Ttl int `xml:"ttl,omitempty"`
Rating string `xml:"rating,omitempty"`
SkipHours string `xml:"skipHours,omitempty"`
SkipDays string `xml:"skipDays,omitempty"`
Image *RssImage
TextInput *RssTextInput
Items []*RssItem
type RssItem struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"item"`
Title string `xml:"title"` // required
Link string `xml:"link"` // required
Description string `xml:"description"` // required
Author string `xml:"author,omitempty"`
Category string `xml:"category,omitempty"`
Comments string `xml:"comments,omitempty"`
Enclosure *RssEnclosure
Guid string `xml:"guid,omitempty"` // Id used
PubDate string `xml:"pubDate,omitempty"` // created or updated
Source string `xml:"source,omitempty"`
type RssEnclosure struct {
//RSS 2.0 <enclosure url="" length="123456789" type="audio/mpeg" />
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"enclosure"`
Url string `xml:"url,attr"`
Length string `xml:"length,attr"`
Type string `xml:"type,attr"`
type Rss struct {
// create a new RssItem with a generic Item struct's data
func newRssItem(i *Item) *RssItem {
item := &RssItem{
Title: i.Title,
Link: i.Link.Href,
Description: i.Description,
Guid: i.Id,
PubDate: anyTimeFormat(time.RFC1123Z, i.Created, i.Updated),
if i.Source != nil {
item.Source = i.Source.Href
intLength, err := strconv.ParseInt(i.Link.Length, 10, 64)
if err == nil && (intLength > 0 || i.Link.Type != "") {
item.Enclosure = &RssEnclosure{Url: i.Link.Href, Type: i.Link.Type, Length: i.Link.Length}
if i.Author != nil {
item.Author = i.Author.Name
return item
// create a new RssFeed with a generic Feed struct's data
func (r *Rss) RssFeed() *RssFeed {
pub := anyTimeFormat(time.RFC1123Z, r.Created, r.Updated)
build := anyTimeFormat(time.RFC1123Z, r.Updated)
author := ""
if r.Author != nil {
author = r.Author.Email
if len(r.Author.Name) > 0 {
author = fmt.Sprintf("%s (%s)", r.Author.Email, r.Author.Name)
channel := &RssFeed{
Title: r.Title,
Link: r.Link.Href,
Description: r.Description,
ManagingEditor: author,
PubDate: pub,
LastBuildDate: build,
Copyright: r.Copyright,
for _, i := range r.Items {
channel.Items = append(channel.Items, newRssItem(i))
return channel
// return an XML-Ready object for an Rss object
func (r *Rss) FeedXml() interface{} {
// only generate version 2.0 feeds for now
return r.RssFeed().FeedXml()
// return an XML-ready object for an RssFeed object
func (r *RssFeed) FeedXml() interface{} {
return &rssFeedXml{Version: "2.0", Channel: r}