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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Copyright 2012 The Gorilla Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package json
import (
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Request and Response
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// clientRequest represents a JSON-RPC request sent by a client.
type clientRequest struct {
// A String containing the name of the method to be invoked.
Method string `json:"method"`
// Object to pass as request parameter to the method.
Params [1]interface{} `json:"params"`
// The request id. This can be of any type. It is used to match the
// response with the request that it is replying to.
Id uint64 `json:"id"`
// clientResponse represents a JSON-RPC response returned to a client.
type clientResponse struct {
Result *json.RawMessage `json:"result"`
Error interface{} `json:"error"`
Id uint64 `json:"id"`
// EncodeClientRequest encodes parameters for a JSON-RPC client request.
func EncodeClientRequest(method string, args interface{}) ([]byte, error) {
c := &clientRequest{
Method: method,
Params: [1]interface{}{args},
Id: uint64(rand.Int63()),
return json.Marshal(c)
// DecodeClientResponse decodes the response body of a client request into
// the interface reply.
func DecodeClientResponse(r io.Reader, reply interface{}) error {
var c clientResponse
if err := json.NewDecoder(r).Decode(&c); err != nil {
return err
if c.Error != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("%v", c.Error)
if c.Result == nil {
return errors.New("result is null")
return json.Unmarshal(*c.Result, reply)
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