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A tool/library for validating npm/node package.json files
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package.json files are required for node.js/npm projects. Beyond just valid json, there are required fields to follow the specifications. This tool verifies the package.json against the specification of your choice, letting you know if you have a valid file. The validation reports required fields that you MUST have, warns for fields that you SHOULD have, and recommends optional fields that you COULD have.

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Supported Specifications

Of course, there are multiple ones to follow, which makes it trickier.



Online copy hosted courtesy of Nick Sullivan at Want to run your own copy? You are welcome to clone or fork this repo.

Command line

npm install package-json-validator -g

See pjv --help for usage:

  --filename, -f         package.json file to validate                      [default: "package.json"]
  --spec, -s             which spec to use - npm|commonjs_1.0|commonjs_1.1  [default: "npm"]
  --warnings, -w         display warnings                                   [default: false]
  --recommendations, -r  display recommendations                            [default: false]
  --quiet, -q            less output                                        [default: false]
  --help, -h, -?         this help message                                  [default: false]

As a node library

npm install package-json-validator

Via Grunt

Have your package validate via a Grunt plugin - see grunt-nice-package

Via Gulp

Have your package validate via a gulp plugin - see gulp-nice-package


PJV.validate(packageData[[, spec], options])

spec is either npm, commonjs_1.0, or commonjs_1.1

options is an object with the following available:

    warnings: true, // show warnings
    recommendations: true // show recommendations


var PJV=require('package-json-validator').PJV;
PJV.validate(data, spec, options)


Please check out the existing issues, and if you don't see that your problem is already being worked on, please file an issue.

Fork and Pull request

Since you are probably a developer, you can probably just make the change yourself and submit a pull request



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